Our annual Society Awards Program honors the incredible achievements and stellar business professionals within the management community. Hosted this year virtually, in conjunction with the 2021 SAM International Management Conference. We invite you to nominate an outstanding member of the management community and recognize their achievements.

Each award has individual criteria for recognition and a nomination form. Please ensure you provide the award committee with all of the information requested by the deadline stipulated. If you have any questions, please email

Member Only Awards

SAM Outstanding Student Award

Recognizing the hard work, growth and development of Collegiate Chapter members over the course of the year.

SAM Outstanding Advisor Award

Acknowledging the contributions and service to the Society, Chapter, and campus community.

Campus Chapter Performance Program

Rewarding the hard work and dedication of chapters who exemplify the principles of the Society.

International Awards

The Society established the International Awards Program to recognize excellence and accomplishment in the profession of management. International Awards are open for nomination of any qualified individual regardless of membership within the Society. The International Awards Program consists of The Taylor Key, The Gilbreth Medal, The Human Relations Award, The Logistics Management Award, and The Phil Carroll Advancement of Management Awards

The Taylor Key

Named after Frederick W. Taylor, the Taylor Key is the highest honor a non-society member can be awarded for contributions to the advancement of the art and science of management. The award, a tribute to Taylor and his pioneering work in developing a scientific approach for management problems, is designed to maintain an interest in Taylor’s fundamental contributions to modern management.

The Gilbreth Medal

Named after Frank B. and Lilliam M. Gilbreth the medal is an award presented or excellence in the field of motion, skill and fatigue study and whose outstanding contributions to these related fields have influenced greatly their appreciation in the performance of work.

The Human Relations Award

Recognizing the outstanding accomplishment in human relations this award was established in 1944 to further emphasize the prime importance of human relations in management. Designed to promote a greater appreciation by management educators, practitioners, and the general public, this award highlights the vital importance of sound human relations in society and the role of management in human issues.

The Logistics Management Award

This honor recognizes noteworthy achievement in the field of business logistics with a focus on materials management and technology. Designed to stimulate interest in management educators and practitioners in the continuing developments and applications concerning the science and practice of logistics management, this award also recognizes the contributions of those who have promoted or practiced substantially, the development of logistics management through their research, writings, or application of methods.

Advancement of Management Awards

Presented in recognition of outstanding recent contributions in specific management fields. In order to promote more rapid acceptance and application of innovations the Advanced Management Awards are awarded in the fields of Operations Management, Marketing Management, Product Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Management Information Systems, and Management Education.