Nomination Guidelines

Presented in recognition of outstanding recent contributions in specific management fields in order to promote more rapid acceptance and application of innovations the Advanced Management Awards are awarded in the fields of Operations Management, Marketing Management, Product Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Management Information Systems, and Management Education.

Candidates shall have performed research or been a practitioner who solved a direct management problem or resulted in an innovation which directly improved management methodology or technology in one of the awarded fields. Additionally, candidates shall have shown extraordinary leadership in the overall strategic direction of an organization. Finally, candidates shall have created a unique innovation or application resulting in an improvement within an organization.

Management functions related to organizing and maintaining systems for production of a good or service, including plant, personnel, and technology planning; inventory control; capital investments and maintenance; quality control; and production control.

Management functions related to the overall marketing strategy from the development of products and services to their ultimate delivery to the customer; including market research; packaging; pricing; advertising; sales promotion and management; distribution; and customer service.

Management functions related to the planning, design, and replication of products, including product (or service) research and development methodology; production; quality control; inventory; and distribution.

Management functions related to capital and monetary resources, including financial analysis; accounting; planning; cash flow control; receivables; inventory; fixed-assets; current liabilities; long-term debt; tax administration; ownership capital; mergers and acquisitions; and pension fund control.

Management functions related to strategic planning and direction of an organization’s human resources, including job analysis and planning; recruitment; selection; performance appraisal; development; compensation; labor relations; and employee assistance.

Management functions related to executive level organizational planning and administration, including strategic long-range planning; organizational design; mergers; consolidations; management development; economic forecasting; governmental relations; and community relations.

Management functions related to the planning, design, and maintenance of operational, tactical, and strategic information systems and technology, including hardware/software applications; database management; distributed processing; automation; and expert systems.

Functions related to the design, presentation, and evaluation of programs for management education, training, development, or consultation and administration of the educational institution, including research; educational technology; teaching excellence; student development; faculty development; organizational outreach and application.

To nominate a candidate for a Advancement of Management Award  letter of nomination is required. Nominations should include the following information:

(1) How did the nominee exhibit extraordinary organizational leadership in the Division you are submitting.  Please provide examples that speak to the qualifications of the individual.

(2) In what ways does the nominee encourage and foster fellow employees and managers in the field.

(3) What specific, lasting contributions has the nominee made that are advancing management in their organization as defined by the criteria within the Award Division.

Submissions may not exceed four (4) pages, single-spaced in no smaller than 12pt font.

If you have any questions please e-mail for direction and guidance on completing these requirements.