Nomination Guidelines

Named after Frederick W. Taylor, the Taylor Key is the highest honor a non-society member can be awarded for contributions to the advancement of the art and science of management. The award, a tribute to Taylor and his pioneering work in developing a scientific approach for management problems, is designed to maintain an interest in Taylor’s fundamental contributions to modern management. It also encourages the use of Taylor’s use of logical, orderly investigation and analysis of management problems.

The award will recognize a person whose continuing contributions to the development of modern management have been outstanding and whose management objectives and principles reflect the logical, orderly, and analytic philosophy advocated by Taylor. All awardees will have demonstrated a major contribution to the body of management knowledge or have developed innovative applications of permanent value to the art and science of management. Additionally, candidates will have been recognized for significant intellectual leadership in the profession of management either as an educator or practitioner. Finally, the candidate is a person whose reputation for managerial integrity and the ethical discharge of leadership responsibility in the public interest is beyond question.

To nominate a candidate for the Taylor Key the following information is required to be submitted in the nomination:

(1) A letter of nomination that describes the theoretical and empirical contributions as well as the impact on the field of management.

(2) A statement of impact addressing how the nominee has influenced students and practitioners in management. When possible, provide names and contact information of students or practitioners that can attest to the impact of the nominee in their management and leadership practice.

(3) A current vitae, including grant support, honors, editorial and professional service, and a biography of the nominee (if not part of the standard vitae).

(4) A list of the ten most significant and representative publications of the nominees contributions.

(5) Any articles or documents in support of the achievements of the nominee.

If you have any questions please e-mail for direction and guidance on completing these requirements.