Program Submission Guidelines

The Campus Chapter Performance Program is designed to reward chapters for practicing good management skills.

To be eligible to participate, a chapter must have a minimum of 5 paid members.

No later than March 15, 2021, each chapter can submit an annual report of why the chapter should be considered among the three most outstanding SAM chapters in their division. Online submissions for this award will be available on

The Campus Chapter Performance Program report must meet the following submission guidelines in order to be considered for recognition:

(1) A cover page indicating the chapter’s name, chapter mailing address, phone number and advisors name.

(2) A total number of dues paying members active within the chapter

(3) A listing of the active members within the chapter; including name, mailing address, and e-mail address

(4) A list of fundraisers (if any) the chapter has undertaken

(5) A list of events (if any) the chapter has sponsored or co-sponsored

(6) A list of community projects undertaken (if any) and the results of those projects

(7) All previous chapter newsletters within the preceding 12 months.  If chapter news is distributed via social media or website, a link will be sufficient. Please provide the contact information for the person responsible for the management of the content online.

(8) A report of the chapter’s participation in the organization of any of the following:
          ~ Formation of a professional chapter
          ~ Formation of a new campus chapter
          ~ A Local SAM Conference
(9) A list of previous SAM Awards
(10) A twelve (12) month chapter plan (if available) for the next year

Guideline items listed in bold are required to be considered for recognition as an outstanding chapter. Additional items are examples of information you can (and should if available) include. Exhibits and appendices can be added to substantiate the year’s accomplishments and should be referenced within the report. Exhibits not specifically mentioned within the report body, will not be considered. To ensure proper formatting of documents and images, all nomination components must be saved in PDF format and uploaded with the nomination application.

Once reports are submitted, a panel of judges will review the reports and determine the winners in each category. There are awards for first, second, and third place winners in each category. Categories are Large, Medium, and Small Chapter. Please note that chapter classifications (size) will be determined after reports are submitted.

Chapters are not required to be registered for the 2021 SAM International Business Conference to receive recognition. Arrangements for a suitable presentation of the award locally may be available upon request.