International Collegiate Business Skills Championship

The International Collegiate Business Skills Championship is the first multi-dimensional Competition of its kind that analyses a students ability to operate as a multi-functional manager utilizing the skills and talent they have developed while enrolled in a Collegiate Business Program. Comprised of three divisions, Associate, Undergraduate, and Open teams compete annually for the title of International Collegiate Business Skill Champion.

Schools are invited to submit a team to compete in one or more of our signature events; our 40th Annual Case Competition, Extemporaneous Speech Competition, Business Knowledge Bowl Competition, Business Pitch Competition, and Written Case Competition. Each competition will have winners, with an overall champion in each division being declared by school and individual as SAM International Business Skills Champions.

Case Competition

The case competition is much like doing a capstone presentation in a Business Policy Course. Students analyze the case to determine the strategic vision and present a recommendation on the actions the company should take to improve, sustain, turn around, or correct its performance.

The analysis is presented to a panel of judges including members of leadership from the case subject, industry officials, and business leaders. Teams are assessed on the realistic recognition of the problem(s), assessment of alternatives, recommendations for action, and their ability to respond to questions from the Judges during a question and answer period.

Written Case Study


Each team is invited to submit a 5 to 10-page (excluding references) written analysis of the case. The deadline for written case submissions is March 15, 2021, at 11:59 PM, eastern time. Students should approach this written paper as they would be submitting it to an executive team for review.

Students do not need to cite facts from within the case but do need to cite any outside material in APA format. Any paper that exceeds 10 pages (excluding references) will not be considered or reviewed.

Extemporaneous Speech Competition

This event allows students to showcase their analytical and presentation skills under time pressure. Participants answer a question based on current business challenges in our dynamic global environment. Competitors select three questions and then have a choice on which they wish to answer. Competitors will receive 30 minutes to research their answer and then deliver a presentation less than 10 minutes long. Presentations are presented to a panel of judges who will evaluate the quality of the response and presentation skills.

Business Knowledge Bowl Competition

An academic competition in which teams are pitted against one another in head-to- head competition featuring questions related to business, current events, and pop culture. Teams require a minimum of three and a maximum of five members with three players active at any given time.

This competition uses a bracket system where teams draw for initial position in the brackets and then compete in a single elimination style tournament. Each match has two rounds, and each round contains 10 toss-up and bonus questions.

Business Pitch Competition

This event focuses on a student’s ability to deliver a pitch that attempts to persuade an investor to back a new product or service. Students will be given 5 minutes to present their idea, marketing strategy, and plans for scalability. Judges will then have 10 minutes to ask questions. Students are welcome to present individually or as a team.

Any student can enter the Business Pitch Competition; however, each team can only choose two students to earn points for the overall team competition.

For more information on the International Business Skills Championship or to reach one of our individual competition directors with a question, please contact