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As the President of the Society for Advancement of Management (SAM), it is my distinct honor and privilege to thank you for your contribution to the success of SAM. You are probably aware that SAM is the oldest continuously active professional management organization in the world. It was founded on November 7, 1912, by colleagues of Frederick W. Taylor, the Father of Scientific Modern Management, in New York City. Over more than a century, virtually the whos-who of the world of business and government have been affiliated with SAM, in various capacities such as speakers, members and award-recipients, including President Herbert Hoover, President Ronald Reagan, Peter Drucker, J.W. Marriott, Alfred P. Sloan, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, and CEOs of most of the top Fortune 500 companies. In its heydays, SAM had 190 campus chapters and 12,200 student members. If you had a management role in a company or government in America, you probably were a member of SAM.

Today, SAM stands at the interface of fostering engagement, sparking innovation and creating impact. The highly dedicated International Board of Directors of SAM work hard to keep SAM relevant to the demands of the rapidly changing worlds of business management and management education.

There are three pillars of SAM:
a) Faculty and research
b) Student chapters and competition, and
c) Practitioner engagement.
So, what is SAM’s promise to each of our three most critical stakeholder groups?

If you are a practitioner, SAM will provide you access to some of the best business students for recruitment and internship. You will also be able to network with some of the best faculty in business and management to gain access to leading-edge business ideas and research.

If you are a business faculty, SAM Annual Conference should be your first-choice conference to attend. SAM Advanced Management Journal is a highly recognized peer-reviewed outlet that can publish and disseminate your research. Participating in the conference will help you get feedback on research ideas, and provide an opportunity to review and discuss others’ papers, thus providing valuable feedback. SAM will provide a forum to network with other scholars and practitioners. And of course, SAM student chapters involve faculty advisors as mentors for the professional development of their students.

If you are a business student, SAM provides opportunities to participate in some of the best competitions on case analysis and other business competencies. Activities in SAM will help you develop valued skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, professionalism, and confidence. Other advantages of attending the conference are meeting fellow students from other universities around the country, and learn about research and advanced studies. Most importantly, SAM provides students with a forum for lifelong learning and the professional affiliation that will keep you current with the latest advances in management and in touch with a valuable support network.

These three groups that SAM caters to are not mutually exclusive, but rather form a continuum where student members can continue their lifelong association with SAM as practitioners or professors in progressive stages of their career. Dr. Lilian Gilbreth, co-founder of SAM and widely considered as the first lady of management, famously reminded the student chapters: “We need the challenge of your questions, the inspiration of your enthusiasm, the assurance that you plan to be lifelong members of SAM – willing to help, glad to be of use, ready to welcome the new student members, as you transition ‘up the line’. We look to your leadership in the years to come.”

Our 75th Annual International Management Conference in 2020 will be in Nashville, TN on March 19-21. Let’s work closely to celebrate the legacy and reimagine the future of SAM as the leading professional organization in Management.


Avinandan “Avi” Mukherjee, Ph.D.
SAM President
Dean of Lewis College of Business, Marshall University