Business Pitch Competition Rules

The Society for Advancement of Management (SAM) is excited to provide the opportunity for students to showcase their business development knowledge and skills in our inaugural Business Pitch Competition.

The Business Pitch Competition

Has three divisions – Open, Undergraduate, and Associate

Is open to all Collegiate Business & Management Students

Provides the opportunity for students to participate in global competition

Provides feedback to the competing teams

Provides certificates of participation to all team members

The Business Pitch Competition focuses on a student’s ability to deliver a pitch that attempts to persuade an investor to back a new product or service. Students will be given five minutes to present their idea, marketing strategy, and plans for scalability. Pitches are assessed on their realistic development of a product or service, and their ability to respond to the Judge’s Questions.

Dress Code: Business Attire


Violating any of the following rules will disqualify the team.

  1. Each college or university is welcome to submit multiple teams of up to 3 students in each division. The minimum size for a team competition is 2 students. Individual students are welcome to compete in individual events, but will not be considered for team awards.

Associate Division – Students enrolled in a community college or in their freshman or sophomore years as of December 2019.

Undergraduate Division – Any student who has not yet graduated with a bachelor’s degree, including freshman and sophomores as of December 2019.

Open Division – Any currently enrolled college student, including those in Master’s and Doctoral degree programs.

2. Each team member must register for the entire conference and pay the fees outlined in the conference material.

Because we recognize that emergencies arise, substitution will be permitted if the SAM Headquarters and Business Pitch Competition Director are notified as soon as the substitution is made and the substitute meets all other eligibility requirements.

3. At least five teams must be entered in a division in order for SAM to certify competition and award prizes in that division.

4. Each college or university team, regardless of division, must present a unique product or service for each of the teams entered into the competition.

a. The pitched concept must be the original work of the individual team pitching it.

b. Innovations on existing product are permitted by must be disclosed to the judges.

c. Business ideas and concepts deemed by the judge’s panel to be offensive, immoral, or unethical may be disqualified.

5. Student competitors may only participate on one (1) Business Pitch team and are prohibited from participating or assisting in the research, preparation, development or practice of another team’s Business Pitch.

6. Business Pitch Sessions will consist of a Pitch session with follow up questioning from the panel of judges. Business pitch sessions will be no longer than 8 minutes total and will be strictly timed as follows:

a. Three (3) minutes are allocated to the Business Pitch Presentation by the team. During this time teams will not be interrupted or interacted with by the panel of judges. Time will begin when the first member of a team begins to speak.

b. Five (5) minutes are allocated to the Panel of Judges to ask questions from the team regarding their Business Pitch. Time will begin when the first member of the judges panel begins their first question.

7. Each team may select the media it feels will most effectively deliver its message. However, power point or slide presentations are not allowed. Teams may display, share, or show prototypes, samples or posters. Participants are not allowed to handout information to judges.

8. Presentations will be closed to the public. Each team may, at their discretion, have two designated “listeners” attend their presentation. The designated listeners will not be permitted to ask questions, make comments, or provide direction of any kind to the team. Violations will result in disqualification of the team. Teams may audio or videotape their presentation so long as doing so does not interfere with SAM’s videotaping the competition.

9. Each team and its faculty sponsor/advisor must certify that all work on the Business Pitch was completed by those presenting the pitch and no others. A certification form will be provided at check-in and must be submitted to the judge’s panel at the presentation.

10. By agreeing to participate in the Business Pitch Competition, each team is also agreeing to have its presentation videotaped. No confidentiality is guaranteed in any way. Upon request, each team will digitally receive, as available, a copy of their presentation and the winning team in their division.

11. Institutions may submit multiple teams in the business pitch competition in each division, however, only the top two (2) scores will count towards the International Collegiate Business Skills Championship standings.